Our Story

Hello, my name is Kacy Reid. I am the owner of Kaseofme.

I am a fashion, art, and music enthusiast. I have a passion for styling and creating the perfect look for you. Kaseofme is a way to show more than just a piece of jewelry or accessory it’s a way of showing your style. Adding some feminine, edgy pieces to make a basic look pop. From a simple run to the store, to a night out with the girls adding some accessories always adds spice to a look. I’ve been focused on only including the best for all my customers allowing all Kaseofme products to be both authentically true to the brand and beautiful as those who wear them. Kaseofme is both affordable and stylish, so no breaking your pocket while trying to look fly. To all the new customers, old customers or just people browsing Thank you for your support and for checking out my store. I know you'll find something that is perfect for you.